Nathan Littlejohn

In building his foundation as a winemaker Nathan traveled to the places and worked with the people he found most intriguing. From Corsica to Australia, New York to New Zealand, he eventually found himself in a winemaking position at Mayacamas Vineyards in Napa. It was there he honed his winemaking philosophies and what he believes is vital to a winery. After three growing seasons at Mayacamas, it was the right time to move back home to Colorado.

At first glance, moving to Colorado seemed to be a move away from the wine industry, but he did not leave his passion for winemaking behind. With that passion, some creative gumption, and support of friends and family Monkshood came to fruition—a Colorado winery that grows, ferments, and produces wine and ciders entirely in Colorado with an emphasis on minimally invasive growing and fermenting.

Life on the production side of the wine and cider industry is a journey filled with sweat, laughter, ripped shirts, wet boots, full bellies and stamped passports. When Nathan began thinking about building his own winery, he had the luxury of pulling pieces from all those experiences to bring together those aspects of winemaking that he enjoys most. He wanted to create a space where wine is approachable, enjoyable, and forms community – a space where the “nose to the air, swirl, sniff, sip” is left at the door.

Monkshood Cellars is located in Minturn, CO. She is, and always will be, a rusty ol’ gal. That said jazz, bluegrass, ski and snowboard boots, mountain bikes and muddy backs, river feet, tasty cheeses, and laughter will be as ubiquitous and free flowing as the wine and cider.

In the search for grapes on the Western Slope, acidity and freshness create the framework while progressive ecosystem based farming is the foundation. Those elements have become a central theme in the wine we both enjoy fermenting and appreciate drinking. Our ‘Vin Rouge’, made with a lesser known and intriguing grape, St. Vincent, is available on draft at Monkshood by the glass or jug fill-up. The style of ciders we gravitate towards are dry, nourishing and show an intentional, individual character. The cider is also available on draft by the glass and jug fill-up.

As interest has increases over the seasons in having our wines in restaurants we have expanded our wholesale market to restaurateurs whom share a belief in supporting ecosystem based farming and produce sourced close by. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are looking to try our wines and are unable to make it to our winery and we can let you know where we are being represented.